Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Customer Service PITA!!

Good Grief!!!

A month ago I switched all of our cable to the phone company, meaning, the TV, the phone and the Internet. I did this because it is a little cheaper every month. While doing that, I became eligible for several rebates. $100 for the land line, $100 for DSL, $50 for Dish and $79.99 for the modem.

A couple weeks ago I rec'd information about the $50 dish rebate, I redeemed it and got a check yesterday. As of yesterday, I still hadn't heard anything about any of the other rebates so I called to check on the status. oh my goodness! What a pain in the hiney that was!!

I called the reward center first, the lady there said they only showed the Dish rebate and I would have to call customer service and have customer service call them on 3-way to tell them which rebates I was entitled to. So, I did.

The first lady I talked to was very nice..I was on hold for a long time, but she was getting everything taken care of so I didn't mind. Plus I was loading the dishwasher, making dinner etc. So, finally this lady gets everything sorted but only with the land line and the Internet, she has no record of the free modem offer so she tells me I have to call the DSL department and gives me their number. fine.

So, I call the # and the recording prompts me to enter my 3 digit transfer code. I don't have a code, so the system thanks me for calling and promptly hangs up.

I call the customer service number, I get a lady that looks at my account and says yes, I am eligible for the free (after rebate) modem, she will transfer me to the rebate department to get it taken care of. My mistake is that she called it the "rebate department", had she called it the "reward center" I could have saved myself a lot of headache and stopped her before she made that transfer--as I had already talked to the reward center first, remember?? and they couldn't help.

So, I get the reward center and am told they can do nothing. I asked her if she had a code for the transfer to the DSL dept. She said she has never heard of such a thing! terrific!!

So, I call the customer service number AGAIN! I get a recording telling me the call volume is high and my wait time is expected to be 10 minutes. Fine, I'll wait 10 minutes. Well......180 minutes later. YES,180 minutes!! I finally hung up!!

I called first thing this morning and talked to some guy in the DSL shipping dept, of course that was wrong, transferred to some girl in the billing dept, of course that was wrong--I was VERY annoyed with her because instead of just saying it was the wrong dept and she couldn't help, she started spouting off all kinds of false just to get me off the phone. Finally, she transferred me to the sales department stating that she could only help me with billing problems! So, I got transferred to another girl that I had to about put the phone inside my brain to hear her. She also could not help me, said I needed customer care. Transferred again. this time to a man that I also could not hear, but thank GOD! he knew what he was doling!! He asked me how much the rebate should be for, I told him $79.99 he put me on hold, came back and said that he called the reward center and told them I am eligible for the modem rebate and to process it.

Mission Accomplished. WHEW!!!


Trailboss said...

OMG what an ordeal. You poor baby.