Thursday, June 05, 2008


Logan's first official day of Summer break was yesterday. However, he missed the LAST day of school due to throwing up and the Big D! He is very well now and thus, Summer vaca has officially begun!!

Dylan is going to stay at his school until June 23. His B-day is June 21 and I want him to be able to take treats and celebrate with his little friends.

Amelia will be staying with us again this summer...unless she gets into a work program.

I am REALLY hoping I can get my crap together and be a good mom this summer instead of the sucky, lazy, sit-at-home mom I usually am!

So far, I have signed the boys up for swimming lessons twice a week, we will go to the free family movies once or twice a week and I want to take them to some different parks, etc in the area once a week.

In addition to being the fun mom..I want to become an organized and clean mom and take better care of my home. I also want to work on my boys behavior and listening skills etc. I need to come up with some plans of action. I have lots of ideas in my head but am having a hard time getting it to come out of my head and make sense.

Hopefully, summer will be a good time for us all. And once Summer is over...DISNEY!!