Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shoes shoes SHOES!!

I have been on a quest to find some comfy shoes for Disney World. I really don't want to wear tennis shoes as I can never find any that are comfortable and they make my feet hot and don't allow for the swelling that inevitably happens in the heat.

So far, I have gotten a pair of Nike flip flops, a pair of croc flip flops, a pair of teva flip flops
and a pair of crocs sandals--non flip flop. :lol So, far I think the non-flip flops are going to be the winner. The crocs flip-flops heel bed is really cushioned which I LOVE BUT it makes my foot push forward and the thing between my toes hurt. Might be because my foot is narrow so the strap over my foot doesn't fit my foot snugly. They might work once my feet swell. LOL

I have gotten really good deals on all the I don't feel TOO bad about my quest for the perfect shoe. I think there is one more pair of crocs I want to try and then I will leave well enough alone!!