Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thick as Pea Soup

I was in bed, having dreams about a leaking gas in my house that was going to kill us all and kept waking up, so I decided to just get up and start my day early. I think the dreams started some sort of anxiety attack..I wish it would just stop.

I looked outside and the fog is SOOO thick..I've never seen anything like it..everything just looks white. We are under a "frozen fog" advisory and Logan's school is on a 2 hour delay. His appt. to get his cast off is at 12 today so I am just going to keep him home..the dr's note will excuse him and it seems stupid to go to school for an hour.

Dylan has an appt at the ENT this morning. He has had fluid in his ears for a while and the Ped finally sent us to see if he needs tubes. I am hoping not. I guess the whole family will traipse to the dr. Hopefully, my darling children behave.

Ok..I guess I better start thinking about getting everyone up, fed, and dressed.