Friday, October 27, 2006

10 year anniversary vacation decision

In December we will celebrate our 9th anniversary, which has me thinking a LOT about the BIG 10 year anniversary. I would really LOVE to go someplace warm and tropical and stay right on the beach so that I can open the doors and hear the waves crashing against the beach and smell the ocean...aaaahh!!

In thinking about all that, of course I have done some research on taking a Caribbean vacation and have come across some really great information.  This site includes reviews of different island vacations as well as cruising and has literally hundreds of articles that tell you where to stay, what to eat, see, and do!!   Now, with all that great information it just makes the decision process that much harder!  LOL  everyplace I read about sounds wonderful.  I am toying with the idea of a cruise too.  I would also LOVE to do Hawaii.

I do have a dilemma in planning anything though and that is that Kyle doesn't like to fly...he has control issues.  *eye roll*.  he did tell me that he would go to Vegas for our anniversary though.  So, I started thinking that if I was going to get him on a plane..maybe we should go someplace else...somewhere more romantic since I may NEVER get him on a plane again.  If we were to go on a cruise we could feasibly drive down to Florida and avoid the plane altogether.  And if we went on a cruise we could take the kids because I hear most of the cruise lines are pretty family friendly, having things for the kids to do etc. hmm. 

You know that one of my favorite sources of info is the good ol' message board.  This site has a great forum set up for travel talk and advice.  If you are thinking of a tropical vacation or cruise in your future it's definitely worth registering and checking out.

While the decision is not going to be an easy one I am glad I have found such an informative site to help me through the process.