Saturday, March 11, 2006

sick again and catching up

Just when I thought we were all better, Logan started complaining of an earache. But the time I got him to the dr he was in hysterics and crying HARD because it hurt SO bad. Poor baby. :( He has infections in both ears...the right one being really bad. She also said his tonsils are HUGE, but he doesn't have strep. So..she put some numbing drops in his ears which gave him some relief right away and he immediately fell asleep on the exam table. (kinda scared me) I guess he was just worn out from the constant crying. :( He is on an antibiotic and is acting normal today. I woke up with a sore throat this hopefully we aren't starting the germ sharing crap again.

My step-mother is a massage therapist and is moving into a new office today. She has previously shared with 2 other women and this office she will be all it's a big important move for her. She is having the open house today so I plan to head over there for a free chair massage and some finger food. I would like to take her an "office warming" gift...but I can't decide what to get. hmmmmm

I don't think I ever updated on Rita. Long story short, she gave birth to a 2lb 13 oz Avery Michael at 11 am on March 2, 2006 via c-section. Rita is now home and Avery, of course is still in the NICU. they are both doing well. We are praying that Avery gains weight like a champ so he can be moved down to the normal nursery and can come home in record time. it is SO hard on rita not having him with her. :(

So, we had a nice visit in TN. I spent all day friday, friday night, and most of saturday at the hospital with rita. Saturday evening I went back to the inlaws house and K and i went to the nursing home to see his dad. He seems to be adapting well to not having a leg. He asked me if I had ever seen a "chopped up leg", I said "no", he then pulled the sheet off of it and kinda waved it at me and then patted it said "good boy". LOL He actually seems quite proud of it. LOL which is, I guess, a good way to be. That night we watched Walk the Line with Kyles mom. It was a great movie..I really liked it..but it left me wanting more of the story. I might need to read a book about Johnny Cash. Sunday morning we packed up and headed to the nursing hom with the kids for one last visit, as we were leaving the home, Kyles mom pulled up at the nursing home. She had come from church and offered to take us out to lunch since we hadn;t left yet. So, we headed over to Hardees and had lunch. We then said our goodbyes and we headed to lexington. Spent the night there and around noon left for Cincy where we went to the natural history museum. We had so much fun there....they have a manmade cave that we went exploring was SO fun. Now, I want to take the kids to Ohio Caverns. After that we headed home. It was nice to split up the 6 hour drive....I think we should make it tradition. LOL

Work is going well..I REALLY love it. I don;t have that dreaded "I have to go to work" feeling like I have had with every other job I have ever had. they upped my I am thrilled. I hope they will up them again in the very near future!! :)

Well, I guess that gets me caught up on everything around here....better go make some breakfast and get on with my day.