Thursday, March 16, 2006

Have I said I LOVE my job?!?

I have worked there for a little over a month. I was hired to work 8 hours a week. I have worked well over that every week, just because I am super flexible since K isn't working and I can fill in when it gets busy etc. 2 weeks ago I was asked to work 8 more hours a week on a regular basis. yay. I love the job and I am thrilled to be making MONEy so I will work whenever they want!

So, today I am working...and it has been a bad day...I broke a dozen eggs this morning, I have been battling a migraine, I started work early because an email was sent out in error and everyone and their brother was e-mailing and calling. So, ANYWAY...I am working and hear Kyle come into the room and set something down and leave. I look over and there is a big box sitting on the floor. so, I wrap up the call I was on and pick up the knife Kyle thoughtfully left for me and ripped it open. It was a big gift basket filled with cheese and meat and candy and stuff.

The card says: Thank you for doing such a great job! We really appreciate all of your hard work. *company name*

It actually brought tears to my eyes. I honestly feel SO blessed and just had to share!!