Sunday, March 12, 2006


I haven;t belonged to a church in several years. I was raised in a very strict pentecostal church growing up and I left there in 96 I guess...and haven;t gone anywhere since then. So, I am on a journey to find a new church. Which is harder than it sounds...which has a lot to do with my upbringing I am sure. I just can't decide where to go. But I need to figure it out. Logan craves church...and he's only been a couple of times to visit with grandma. He makes up songs about Jesus and is very interested in learning about Jesus. So...I need to get over it ad just figure out a place to take my boys. of the requirments for the private school Logan is going to is being a member of a church. So, it's time.

I have visited a church of God church and an assemblies of God church. Out of those 2, I think I liked the assemblies better. Today I am going to a non-denominational church. I WANT to like this church really well because of all the "extra" stuff they offer for children and moms and couples. but more than that..I want to feel like it is the right place for me/us that we will be fed spiritually.

this is such a HUGE thing and I'm not getting the support I need from Kyle in this. :( which makes me so sad because he is SO there for me in EVERYTHING...but this is just an issue...also due to our upbringing I guess (he was raised in the same church)...that he isn't helping me on. I don't even have the words to do explain it or make it make sense. This is just a decision I don;t want to make on my own...yet, I have to because he refuses to. I hate feeling like I am out here alone. I told him that I am completely open to wherever he wants to go to church (even if it is back to the strict church we left) because I just want to be "in church" as a family. UGh.

So, I have to leave in 30 minutes and here I sit still in my jammies. guess I better get a move on.