Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Logan can't hear

Logan brought a note home from school the other day and it said he failed their hearing screening and said we should take him to the Pediatrician. so, I called and made an appt for this past Monday.

Monday, I took him in and the nurse did some kind of test where she put a thing in his ear and it came back with a reading of "refer" meaning he needed to be referred to a specalist. She did the other ear and got the same thing!

The dr. came in and he did another test--this one checked for fluid in the ear. Apparently, he has a bunch of fluid in both his much so, that it is sucking the ear drums in. Neither ear drum can move..or vibrate. the test he did was just a flat line...where it's supposed to show a peak of some sort. He said that there is no sign of infection or anything like that...and basically that we need to wait it out.

So, we'll go back in 6 weeks for a re-check, if there is still fluid, we'll wait a few weeks and go back for another re-check, if at that time there is still fluid, we will have to think about surgery to release the fluid.

So, I don't know how much he can hear and can't hear. I think he DOES have a lot of "selective hearing"...but I guess he really can't hear some of what I am saying. So..I have to try to be nicer--because I do get easily annoyed with him sometimes.

I did send the teacher a note and she moved his desk from the 4th row, up to the front row. He has missed some of the oral portions of his tests and I am wondering if this "hearing loss" has something to do with it...rather than the "not paying attention" that I assumed he was doing.

Keep us in your thoughts...I'll keep you posted.


sue said...

Hey! That would definitely effect his schooling etc, poor little guy, I am glad you are getting it looked into! Keep me updated.

Jennifer said...

Claire is having trouble with one of her ears...and I think it's the same thing. She has had tubes twice already...ugh! I hope Logan's ears get better ASAP!! :)

Robin said...

i don't like the idea of the dr wanting to wait so long to see if it gets "better". who knows how long it's been building up? and with winter coming, wouldn't that increase his chance of infection and possibly discomfort. not to mention, three or four months of not hearing correctly could cause him to develop some bad habits and affect his schooling. this sounds like a lot of fluid.....i don't know, i think i'd want a second opinion on this. i may be overreacting because i work with so many hearing impaired people and i know what they've gone through and still are......i just wouldn't want logan to have to go through that if not necessary. and yes i'm up so early cause i can't SLEEP!! but i'm still concerned.

Cindy said...

Poor dude! You might want to keep him on a low dose of decongestant to help that fluid get released.

I'll cross my fingers that his hearing's not permanently affected!

Jen said...

Brendan has some auditory processing issues and I had to learn to be really patient and be sure he is looking at me before I give him directions. He is so much better now, but it was really tough on him when he was younger and his coaches and others would get frustrated with him "not listening".
I will keep Logan in my prayers.
Hopefully he will have no long-term effects. I agree with Robin though,
I'd have it checked out again before too long. Don't want him to be in school too long without hearing accurately.