Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tickle Me

Remember when Tickle Me Elmo was first introduced 10 years ago? It was all the rage and all the kids had to have it. I remember my sister in law freaking out because she couldn't find it for my niece. We didn't have kids then, but when Emily got "too old" for Elmo, he was lovingly stored and when Logan was 1, it became his. He LOVED it.

Here we are 10 years later and (tickle me) Elmo has made a comeback. It's called elmo tmx and it's even cuter than the older version and just watching him MAKES you laugh. You just need to tickle one of his "tickle spots" (chin, tummy, or toe) to get him started. He starts laughing, slaps his leg, falls down, and stands back up. If you tickle him again, he does it all over again and this time falls on his back and starts kicking his feet, all the while laughing his little head off. He stands up again, asks for another tickle and this time..he just LOSES it!! He repeats everything he has done before and then he (and this is SOOO cute) he rolls over to his tummy and bangs the floor with his little "hand" just cracking up!! (I dare you to not laugh at THAT!) He then stands back up and finishes with a sweet sigh of contentment. I swear, it's too precious!!