Saturday, April 23, 2005

rainy days

It is raining this morning, it was raining yesterday morning too. It STORMED last night and they are forecasting snow over the weekend if it gets cold enough! Ohio weather is nuts! Last week I had on my air because it was in the 80's. I think I have a cold brewing....which is probably due to the stupid weather!

We have a man coming over at 11 this morning to give us an estimate on tearing down our screened in porch and installing a new porch cover and rails. We got 2 estimates last week and the difference in price between the 2 places was more than $2000!! Can you imagine?? So, we will get this estimate and make our decision and hopefully get the work done in the next few weeks!!

We watched The Clearing yesterday and Spanglish last night. We enjoyed them both. it's been awhile since I have seen a truly awful movie...well, closer pretty much sucked! LOL

I need to get to the grocery today there is nothing in the house that my kids will eat...and we finished off the bread last night. so, I HAVE to much as I dread has to be done! YUCK!

We have another movie to watch (Sideways) and the first episode of 24 season 2. So, I imagine we will get those watched today/tonight. Right now we are getting movies from netflix and blockbuster because when I canceled the blockbuster membership, they gave us a month free. So, I am getting the kids movies with the Blockbuster account..they should be getting Tom and Jerry's best chases today. They will be so excited when it finally gets here!!

I should work on some laundry today and clean out a closet. I have been saying I am going to clean out a closet or two for at least a week now and I still haven't done it. Something tells me I am not going to get it done today either!! LOL


Renee said...

Too cool that blockbuster gave you a month free! I hate going to the grocery too! You'd think i'd love so i could be alone but nope i hate it!lol The weather here is wacky too! I wish we lived close so we could keep each other company. Have i told you lately that I MISS YOU?!!